018 70M light duty telecom tower Design & supply Awards MEGATRO2

[ July 19, 2019 ]

Dated on December 4, 2018, Mauritel has recognized and accepted telecom structure supports from MEGATRO which is professional telecom tower provider with design, supply and installation integrated.

Mauritel was created in 1999 from the splitting of the Office des Postes et des Télécommunications,  that gave rise to two companies, one dedicated to the postal services, and the another one to telecommunications. To ensure its growing needs for international connectivity (telephony, Internet bandwidth), Mauritel participated in 2010 for up to 20% in an economic interest grouping which includes all the Mauritanian telecom

In recently, Mauritel invest infrastructure with a great many of telecom site, and purchase from Huawei, and other telecom providers.

MEGATRO award this bidding project of 70m light duty telecom tower due to our scientific design with less weight, with furnish cable tray, aviation light, painting, tower earthing kits, lightning rod and other ancillaries together.

Mauritel selected the Award-winning entries from a shortlist of 7, and final MEGATRO award by our chief engineer Carlos team with efficiency, cost-effectiveness, aesthetics, sustainability and innovation.

For more details please visit our website and contact Mr. Karl. Email: karl@megatro.cn