MEGATRO is a full service engineering company with a global reputation for delivering excellence and innovation in power, telecommunications, light, steel structure and metal products systems.

Over 10 years of experience and innovation in engineering, designing and building towers has evolved MEGATRO into its current form:

a. Full Turn-Key provider including site acquisition, engineering services, manufacturing, field services-DAS, tech services, value added reseller and monitoring, maintenance and network ownership

b. Specialize in developing supplying and building wireless and wired networks and in-building telecommunications systems, as well as energy infrastructure

c. Optimize and supply power transmission, transformation, distribution and generation system, with site acquisition, investigation, design, supply, installation (turnkey project) services

d. Single source from Design to System Integration''

e. Top quality, ISO 9001 registered

A complete selection of towers including self-support, lattice steel tower, monopoles and guyed towers, form custom-designed radar towers to broadcast towers and energy infrastructure. MEGATRO carries a variety of related products including fall protection, transmission lines, antennas, obstruction lights, and accessories, and other products if client need, MEGATRO also tailored product as per client condition.

Our innovative team offers a wide variety of services to meet our customers' needs. We work shoulder to shoulder with our customers from the preliminary design phase to completion of the project. With our experienced engineering staff, our company offers leadership,

expertise, and professionalism in the electric utility, telecom and steel structure industry.

Excellent quality
Excellent quality
Excellent quality
MEGATRO mainly design all kinds of towers and posts for :

a. Telecoms

b. Power transmission

c. TV and Radio Broadcast

d. Roads and City Development

e. Radar tower

Our complete selection of towers includes:

a.   Self-supporting (including RDT)

b.   Monopoles(including RDP, Rapole)

c.   Guyed towers

d.   Custom-designed radar towers

e.   Broadcast towers

f.   Power transmission

MEGATRO also designs and manufactures tower related products including:

a.   Fall protection

b.   Antenna brackets

c.   Other accessories if needed by clients such as tower earthing kits, lightning rod, aviation light, cable tray, shelter room, steel house, steel structures, with others