MEGATRO utilize the latest high-tech equipments and machineries in order to sustain competitiveness in the industry and to consistently serve our customer with the highest level of quality, timely delivery and satisfaction. We provide installation service by use drones or other tools for our clients as well.

Key Strengths

  • · Geographical Spread

  • · Manufacturing Facilities

  • · Human Resources

  • · Sophisticated Machinery

  • · Fabrication Capacity

  • · Galvanization Capacity

  • · Quality Certification

  • · Quality Assurance Plan

  • · 2 Strategic Locations(first plant in 2011 and second plant in 2013)

  • · 24 Self Driven Units (including two 2400 tons bending machines)

  • · Highly Skilled, 720 staff

  • · Meeting the Industrial Standards (ASTM, EN, DIN, JIA, AS, JIS, CSA etc)

  • · 250,000 MT/Annum

  • · 200,000 MT/Annum

  • · Accredited With ISO 9001:2000 & 14001:2004 &18000

  • · As Mutually Agreed upon with Customer

Prototype Assembly & Inspection

  • · Dedicated independent prototype assembly units

  • · In House Proto Test Facility

  • · Spectro Analyzer for Materials Strength measurement &Chemical composition

  • · Prototype inspection done by internal QA Team, Third party & by Customers also as applicable for the final approval and for Mass production

  • · Routine tower testing for size, chemical and physical property, zinc coat, welding, UT, MT, PT, RT etc. The quality checks conducted by us are based on the parameters of material strength, fabrication process, galvanization process, thickness of the coatings and the verticality of tower using theodolites.

Raw Material Supply

MEGATRO have longtime cooeration with most of the big steel producers. For exemple, Chengdu Seamless Pipe Factory, Tianjin Seamless Pipe Factory, Bao Steel Group, Anyang Steel Factory, Jinan Steel Factory, Anshan Steel Factory, Wuyang Steel Factory, are our direct suppliers. In time of tight supply in the steel market, especially the special steel like Q460,Q420, Q345, Q235, S275, S355, ASTM A36, ASTM 570 GR50, GR65 and others.

All steel towers machineries are new equipped from Chinese and abroad company.

Fabrication process

Multipurpose CNN machinese directly read the drawings, cutting, pumch, stamp and modify steel. Heavy duty machinese perform even the heavieset of bends without distortion, and sophisticated positioned chiense weihua cranes efficiently perform material handling.

Galvanizing process

Size length 14m, width 2.6m and depteh 3.6m with capacity 200000 tons per year and uses the enbironment friendly mthods. The furnace is controlledby microprocessors to give control on the batch tempature. The drying oven uniformly dries and pre-heats he steel, which removes sputing and give an excellent suract fnish to the product.

Package proces

The quality package must follow the requirements of GB2694-2003 or client’s special requireents to meet export delivery standard by sea, land or other way.

General Steel Production Process Chart

Tubular Steel Tower Production Process Flow

Angular Steel Tower Production Process Flow